Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Well, I went to write a "currently" post, but really it would be all about school.

I'm trying to remember, in the throes of being a first-year teacher, that this is normal. Feeling this overwhelmed and exhausted is ok.

I am currently thinking, living, and breathing kindergarten. My students, my lesson plans, my parent interactions and conferences. I worry about how to reach that tricky child, whether or not my small reading groups are really addressing specific needs, and how to gently guide 5 year olds into loving learning.

I am currently eating tacos, spaghetti, and sausage sandwiches for dinners every week because those meals can all be made, fairly cheaply, inside of 20 minutes and with minimal cleanup. I am also trying not to worry about calories, because darnitall if I don't need that third piece of chocolate to get through this afternoon.

I am currently rereading Harry Potter for the 57th time because it's simply all my brain can handle by the time I pick up a book in evening, and it's happening in approximately 8 minutes increments because I fall asleep.

I am currently loving my job. Loving watching children learn, play together, and become a community in my classroom.

What have you been up to?!