About Me


My name is Rebecca. I'm a twenty-something teacher living in the Philadelphia suburbs with my husband Dan, and our mutt-baby Lily.

That's not our house, it's a relative's beach house. Our place is much more colorful. 

I love kids, cooking, random DIY projects and crafts, and basically anything that takes me outside--gardening, hiking, walking the dog. I'm always itching to try something new or experiment, much to my husband's chagrin (when you're a meat and potatoes guy, sometimes tomatoes stuffed with zucchini and quinoa just doesn't cut it, and my eagerly trash-picked shutters just aren't the right size to make a headboard). We make it work, though, with a generous dose of grace and a willingness to laugh at ourselves.

Stop by anytime for a glimpse into our lives. Sometimes I post recipes, sometimes I post rants. Every once in a while you'll get a halfway decent picture (I primarily use my iPhone for all my photography needs). Shoot me an email; I love hearing from old friends, and making new friends!