Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Midwinter Break

Back in November, a few friends decided it would be totally awesome to take a trip to Vermont to ski and explore the winter. They thought it would be really cool to see a "real" winter with lots of snow, need to bundle up, and have some chilly adventures.

I laughed at them.

(You know I hate the cold.)

However, with some convincing and promises of awesome friends and some good beer, I consented to venture to the great white North(east).

Then we had this winter.

Which was brutally cold, with plenty of single-digit temperatures and several feet of snow total.

Nonetheless, we packed our bags full of long socks and borrowed snow gear, and drove up to Stowe, VT for a long weekend.

We rented this big beautiful house about a half hour outside of Stowe with 7 other friends (which brought us to 9 total, 4 couples and a 9th wheel). Since it was the off season and we were far enough from the ski resort, we scored a great deal and there were beds and bathrooms aplenty for nine adults who are all used to their own space.

Oh yeah, it was on a lake. Complete with ice fishing huts.

My snow angel.

The boys, of course, had to wrestle on the ice.

My snow angel/fighter won. 

We visited some awesome restaurants, drank some delicious beer, and toured Ben & Jerry's. Yum!

Ben & Jerry's was having their Winter Fest the weekend we were there, so there was lots of fun...and a cow!

Hail, hail, it's the whole gang!

On Sunday, most of the gang went to Stowe's ski resort. Dan and I, however, decided to take our lives in our hands and try snowmobiling, something that was on both of our bucket lists.

It was slightly terrifying, but super awesome.

We also cooked together, watched movies, ate popcorn, and played many rounds of Bananagrams. It was a pretty sweet weekend, largely due to the fabulous crowd. I highly recommend.

How are you holding up with the winter? Any fun midwinter trips to break the monotony?