Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lessons Learned (Thoughts on 5 Years)

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. Since I'm a contemplative person, I like to think back to those five years and all that happened. Somewhere along the way we went from this, 

To this, 

And this, 

To this. 

I like to think that I've picked up a few notions along the way, and dropped other notions as I've learned that they are not useful. However, five years by no means makes me knowledgeable about the ways and means of marriage. 

Thus, I'm not really surprised at my surprise that yesterday was (I think) my favorite anniversary so far. 

See, Dan left this morning for a business trip in San Diego. I'm joining him in a few days after school lets out, and we're doing "real" anniversary stuff there (you know, exciting/romantic/adventurous). However, since yesterday was a Friday and I strenuously object to cooking dinner on a Friday night after a long and busy week, we decided to get Chik Fil A with my calendar card. 

(Thanks, Mom!) 

So our anniversary was pretty simple. We did chores together, got Dan packed and ready, ate dinner watching our new (to me) Netflix show, and just relaxed together. I didn't get dressed up or worry about my hair or how the evening would progress. I didn't think about what we should talk about, or set up weird expectations about how it's going to be this idyllic romantic evening (it never is, and if you've known us for any length of time as a couple, you know we're not really into traditional "romantic" stuff). 

It was, in short, a really lovely evening together. 

Happy anniversary, my love.