Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Part 2

Almost immediately after getting home from San Diego I left again, this time to visit the Midwest and my parents.

(Mostly my parents. The Midwest does very little for me aside from visiting family. No offense, billions of acres of cornfields.)

First stop, my mom's house. She and her husband John live in South Bend, which is actually a very nice little city with an awesome walking trail around the river. She, my brother, and I decided to take her dog Fin for a walk and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Mama! And handsome brother. 

Isn't it pretty? 

Such a peaceful view. 

Little Fin. 

Good lookin' fam.

We also spent the better part of one day cooking, but we didn't take pictures because it was a pretty lazy, laid-back process. We made Lemon Thyme Chicken,

Smells so good. 

These pictures are from the first time I made the recipe. It's a good one! 

We also made Summer Vegetable Tian, Spinach and Apple Salad, and Chocolate Eclair Icebox Cake. All Pinterest recipes, and all delicious.

The next day Mom and I hung out and did girly stuff (you know, shopping and pedis). That evening all four of us went to a Silver Hawks game, the South Bend AAA Division baseball team.

We had awesome seats. 

The next day Josh and I trekked up to Michigan to visit our dad. We went to a flea market, stopped at the local brewery and winery so Dad could send some things back to PA with me, and then settled in at his house for a nice game of Scrabble.

Josh kicks butt at this game.

I do not. 

They also have a cute little furball named Grace. 

After Dad and his wife Cathy took us out to an awesome dinner, Josh and I headed back to South Bend. I headed for home the next day.

But not without the obligatory bottle of Three Floyd's. Mmm.

And thus ends my travelsome escapades for the summer. Have you been anywhere awesome? Planning to go?