Monday, October 24, 2011

The more my feet hurt...

...the more fun my students had. That's become my basic mantra of teaching, because generally, if we are all sitting around on our bums we are not having fun, learning actively, and applying what we know. I don't mind as much anymore when my feet hurt (the first two weeks or so of school was pretty brutal), because I know it means that I was active, my students were engaged, and we were doing exciting things. I love teaching!

In other news, I'm currently listening to my dear husband explain a really awkward situation to a friend to try and alleviate much greater future awkwardness, and he concluded his explanation (every conversation is an opportunity for a presentation) with a "think about it; pray about it; I'll be here." He's such a good guy. No wonder he was nominated to be a deacon at our church. Who has two thumbs and is proud of her husband?

This gal!