Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Fun-day

I have a love-hate relationship with most people probably do. I always enjoy going to church, but it's a wrench to set the alarm on Saturday nights, especially now that I'm teaching Sunday school. Once we get there, however, it's always good to see our friends and worship together.

And then there are delightful Sunday afternoons! Usually we have an old-fashioned Sunday dinner at the Henrich house with Dan's whole family, but since his parents are moving (AGAIN) next weekend and they are frantically working to fix up their new house to a livable status, our Sunday routine has been disrupted for the time being. Today we went out for brunch with his sisters, and then they came back to our apartment to hang out. While they were here I decided to use up a few more apples leftover from our annual Oktoberfest party (it was late this year) and make some homemade apple turnovers.


I started with some puff pastry from the store (no, I wasn't that ambitious).

I chopped the apples, mixed them with lemon juice and cinnamon....

Cut up the puff pastry and add the apples. This was actually the trickiest part, because I wanted the turnovers to be full of apples, but it was hard to get the quantity of apple I wanted and still get the puff pastry to close.

But, finally...

30 minutes in the oven, and these were quite a hit, judging by the speed with which they were consumed.

I also made a Jewish apple cake and I'm going to simmer down the rest of the apples into apple butter this week. Huzzah!