Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Days

Since I'm not actually at school today, I decided to spend my time thinking endless thoughts about it. Ha.

In case you've been hiding under a rock or something, I'm a teacher, currently working as an aide in a multiple disabilities classroom, and I love what I do. My day-to-day is rarely glamorous, and I usually end up with yogurt, markers, paint, or drool on my hands and clothes (or some combination thereof).

But I love it.

I realized during my second lesson of my first practicum (my second time ever teaching a whole class of students) that teaching is absolutely what I am meant to do.

Of course, this can be a particular struggle, especially because teaching jobs are a scarcity and I itch on a daily basis to have my own classroom and my own students. I adore these children, and having a job that is simultaneously challenging, hilarious, stressful, and immensely gratifying is one of the greatest privileges in the world.

Especially when you get to finger paint.

And who doesn't love getting to read children's books and actually be excited about them? Everything from Dr. Seuss to Pete the Cat to Tale of Depereaux to Junie B. Jones.

Pete the Cat, I love my white shoes. 

Truffula trees, from the Lorax. 

We can't technically do Easter, but we can do bunnies. 

**Note: Yes, I'm doing it; I'm using my blog as a way to catalog (and later portfolio-orize) my school projects. With the exception of the rainbow, photo #1, all of these crafts were adapted or designed for our class by me. And yes, I drew the Seuss fish and the bunny. Be proud, mama.