Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sister Stuff

Last weekend my sister and her BFF (my pseudo-sister) came to visit me! It was totally awesome. They're getting and grown up and are super fun to be around.

Not that they haven't always been super fun to be around. But now they're like, peers.

Which is awesome.

Anyway, because my life is insane we didn't have a ton of time to spend chilling, so we decided to make the most of what time we did have and cram it full of excitement.

And Chick-fil-A.


Our most exciting event was a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

I go to the art museum probably around once a year, and it's always worth it. I'm usually enticed by whatever exhibit they have on display (this time it was van Gogh) and I always forget that you have to buy a special ticket for admission to the extra-cool exhibits. 

Which I never do. 

It's still fun, I like seeing the regular exhibits anyway. And I'm cheap, so I'd probably be so annoyed about spending the extra dough (for van Gogh...haa) and wouldn't even really enjoy all the cool art. 

"Your art...was the prettiest art...of all the art." 

Who can win my love forever and guess the origin of the quote?! 


I did bring my iPod touch, which means I'm about to grace you with some low-quality photos!! Let me hear it, people! 

Little tiny boy armor. 

Jess and Meg wish their boyfriends looked like this. (Not.)

"If I was a knight I'd totally have a huge feather like that!" 

Buddhist crap. 
I jest, this is the lovely, life-size Japanese garden and house. It's very zen and peaceful and beautiful. 


A painting of New Hope from the American art exhibit. 

This is for my daddy. So many beautiful grandfather clocks!

I also decided that I really like Monet and I want something like this to hang in my kitchen one day.

We were a little baffled by the Contemporary Art sculptures. 


It was really fun. The girls were super easygoing (read: apathetic) about a lot of things, but we can generally agree on what kinds of art we like to look at, so we had no problems. 

Now the question is, when will they move in together somewhere here on the East coast so we can all hang out like this on a regular basis!?