Sunday, April 29, 2012

That Spinning Rainbow Wheel

Any Mac users will get the reference.

Any PC users....well, you should switch to Mac. Talk to me then.

(Yes, Daddy, that's for you.)

I've been processing all sorts of things lately.

From my great need to develop patience and perseverance and attention to detail,

to slow down and take things as they come,

to really acknowledge and appreciate the fact that I am utterly useless and pointless on my own.

I'm learning to not count on things of this world, even when they seem sososo important to me.

I'm learning to rely on the only One who really knows what's going on and how things will turn out, and relax in the face of that understanding.

I'm also learning that grace is a beautiful thing, and sometimes it takes on surprising forms.

I'm learning these things from my garden, from my husband, from my friends, from my Thursday night gig as a barista, from my day job, and from my Bible. I'm learning that family is really about love and commitment and humility. I'm learning that cucumbers don't flourish until later in the season than peas, and that marigolds need to really be plants before transplanting them. I'm learning that I break fewer glasses when I slow down washing dishes, and that I cry less when I choose to laugh more.

These are all still works in progress. This doesn't at all mean that I've mastered any of these. But I'm processing, my little rainbow wheel is spinning (or hourglass is dumping...ugh, PC) and eventually I will be made into who I am really meant to be. And I'm learning to enjoy the journey.