Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Break: A Play

This is what happens, every year.

Self to Body: C'mon, you're almost there! One more week 'til break! You can sleep then, and have lots of time to do fun things! Only five more days of setting your alarm!

Body to Self:

Self to Body: Two more mornings. We can do this.

Body to Self: Two more, you say? Hmm...

Self to Body: Woohoo, we made it! It's the last day before break!

Body to Germs: Go and do your worst!

Germs: Attack!!

Self to Body: Yikes, I'm sneezing a lot today.

Body to Self: Too late, suckah!!!

And thus I spend EVERY.SINGLE.BREAK sick. Every single hard earned break, I come down with something just nasty enough to knock me down for a couple days, those precious days which I have planned to rest or enjoy or do something fun (you know, like host a bunch of friends for a Christmas shindig...)

It really feels like my body conspires to keep me going through all the drudgery, all the work, all the times when I could just take a sick day. Then as soon as I have actual free time, I relax.

And that's my mistake. The relaxing.

My body reads it like a cue to allow the germs a takeover. And I inevitably recover just in time to go back to work.

End scene.