Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Catching Up

I'm afraid to start typing and hear the echoes of an empty web space...



Man, do I even remember how to import photos?


Well, here goes nothing.

Sister and I spent Thanksgiving with our mom and brother in South Bend, Indiana. We had a really nice time and enjoyed making delicious food with the family. Brother was even a little happy to see us.

Mama's puppy boy Finnegan.

We visited Notre Dame (first time for me, it was a beautiful campus).

And did some Christmas shopping/art museum strolling. It was good.

Upon our return, we had to get our Christmas trees! Can you believe it's almost Christmas? The holidays are so scrunched together this year (Thanksgivnukkah, anyone?) I didn't feel nearly as bad starting my Christmas shopping early.

'Cause, dude. I love me some Christmas.

Also, drumroll please...

For the very first *real* snowfall of the year!!

It was juuuust enough for a 2-hour delay at school, which was lovely. (Not so lovely was the hour-long drive from church to the in-law's for Sunday dinner, which usually takes 25 minutes, alas.)

I'm trying to wrap my head around other Christmasy activities, such as baking, other household decorating, and wrapping presents. What my brain has fully embraced is the 12 day winter break, almost two full luxurious weeks of no school, generously provided by Christmas-on-a-Wednesday.

Oh yes. It will be amazing.

For anyone who may still be out there (hellooo, hellooo, hellooo) what will/have your holidays looked like?