Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Baking Photo Roundup

So...I know I'm a little behind the game, but I still wanna share the stuff I baked over the holidays. Despite being sick for most of my winter break, I managed to produce a few delicious things!

First of all, I needed a quick sweet to share at a Christmas party with our small group (read: Bible study). You already know I'm a fan of the Six Sisters Brownie Mix Cookies, and I decided to give it a little festive twist.

A few crushed candy canes, and voila!

Everyone was really surprised by the minty crunch when they bit into the chocolate cookies, but between our party and my coworkers the next day, they were all devoured.

I also made some really basic cookies that came from a jar (oatmeal and M&M), and these puppies from Bakerella (and my Baking Wish List!)

My biggie was a Christmas tradition: challah bread!

I got up early and donned my new apron to make this specialty (alright, the recipe itself is nothing amazing, but this bread is a process).

I like to make two loaves, each braided with three strands.

Guess who failed to take a "finished product" picture? It almost always elicits a "wow!" from some in-law or another. It's a long-winded labor of love, and it's a delight to make every year.

That was my baking season...did you make anything amazing?