Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Late Night Post

Because my husband is out. Again. I texted him to ask when he'd be home, but then I left my cell phone in the kitchen.

This is the epitome of laziness.

Yes, that's Lily. She's an excellent pillow. 

I'm sick again still. I feel like I've been sick for ages. That flu shot did me no favors, especially since I've never had a flu. One cold after another, and now a lovely barking cough. Can't wait to showcase this at our party this weekend!!

Did I mention we're having a party this weekend?

We are.

We just love parties.

This is our third annual Christmas party, so hopefully it's safe to say it's a tradition. For me, it's a good chance to get lots of friends in one place and enjoy more delicious food than we could ever need.

Plus, the best way to get the apartment deep-cleaned, organized and fully scrubbed is to threaten me with lots of company.