Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three More Days!

Ok, I know that Christmas is not technically for five more days.

So sue me.

But MY Christmas begins in three days and I am super excited.

December 23rd is the Lessons and Carols service at Tenth Presbyterian Church, and then a huge, family-style meal at Buca di Beppo's restaurant.

December 24th is (duh) Christmas Eve, and we do the big extended family meal and gift exchange.

And then I'm hosting Christmas morning!! I'm so excited. Due to all the change-ups in family living situations this year I decided it was the perfect opportunity to both help out and inject a little of my own Kline Christmas traditions into the festivities.

Basically our Christmas morns are the same (sleep in, do presents in pajamas, late lazy breakfast) but the menu is quite different. I'm not going to do anything radical, still good coffee and an egg casserole, simple and delicious. BUT, instead of MomMom's coffee cake (which is delicious in its own right) I'm making these.

It will be epic.