Wednesday, February 29, 2012


That's supposed to be me, the busy little bee. It's funny how I don't feel overwhelmed, but I don't seem to find time to write all that often...also, I am still woefully camera-less, so my posts are pretty lame.

This also means that this will probably be a rambly sort of post.


Dan and I have been watching lots of "How I Met Your Mother" lately. It's pretty hilarious, even though it's crass at times. However, I just watched an episode where Ted, the main character, gives a speech about New York being the best city in the world (they live in Manhattan) and I have to say, I disagree. New York is exciting and busy and full of interesting things, but it's also dirty and loud and always crowded. I like room and green things and quiet spaces in the day. I wouldn't mind spending time living in a city at some point before children, but Manhattan would certainly not be on my list.

In other news, I think I'm going to begin photographing and cataloging (via this else?!) some of the projects I do at school. We sponge-painted frogs and then glued them to lily pads on blue paper today for Leap Day, and it was super cute. I'd like to keep some sort of informal portfolio of this stuff so that I can use it for job interviews and/or my future classroom.

My dog is freaking adorable. I love her. She's all snuggly because it's rainy and gray, and if I put my hand out she rests her chin on my palm and looks up at me with those pensive eyes. Little snugglepug.

We're having friends over for dinner Friday night (the classy kind of dinner party, where I actually cook everything and we set up the folding table with linens and candles and all that shmancy stuff. I look forward to these things, because it forces me to actually deep-clean certain areas of the house.

And by deep clean, of course, we mean wash the floors.

I will do my utmost to take some pictures for you!!