Monday, February 20, 2012


Almost a full month later, I'm posting the pictures from our NYC trip. This is partly due to laziness, and partly due to the fact that I'm actually pretty busy.

It's also partly because my pictures were taken on an iPod Touch, and thus have iPod quality.

(Funny how I never thought of the quality of my photos before, but now that I read all these blogs that are full of food porn I wish for an expensive camera with which I will photograph my dog because I tend to cook at odd hours of the day when the light isn't good for taking pictures of food.)

Anyway, feast your eyes and forgive the blurriness.

Approaching the city from the Staten Island Ferry.  

My half of a one-pound pastrami sandwich. Yummm. 

Liz vs. pastrami sandwich. Ding ding! (Spoiler alert: Liz won.)  

 Trinity know, from National Treasure, where they actually found the treasure beneath the church. 

 Times Square during the day, before the show. 

Look! It's Gloria from Modern Family, the new spokeswoman for Pepsi! 

 Times Square at night, after the show. It's SO BRIGHT. 

 The obligatory shot of the Wicked sign, somewhat obscured by a street light. 

The M&M store. 
Insert wide eyes and drooling. 

 We found some Patriots M&Ms. Chad was pretty excited. 

Day 2 in the city, we visited the 9/11 Memorial. This is the new Trade Center, still in progress.  

Memorial pool, one where each building used to stand. 

So that was our trip. It was totally awesome. Everyone actually liked Wicked (I LOVED it, of course), and we saw some cool stuff. We ate dinner at a little Italian place off Broadway, which nobody photographed, and we visited a Belgian beer bar a few blocks further down, also undocumented, but also delicious.