Monday, June 25, 2012

Delicious Single Food

Dan's working downtown this week at a trade show for which he is representing his company, Reed Technology. He gets to ride the train and a company partner is taking him (and other Reed employees) out to a fancy shmancy dinner tonight.

You know what that means?

I get to eat my food.

It's one of the reasons I enjoy eating out so much, because we can both order exactly what we want and I don't have to worry about whether or not Dan will like what I make him for dinner (if he even darling husband has a very different relationship to food than I do).

(Food for me is fun. Food for him is necessary.)

Anyways, one of my very favorite things to eat is stir fry. Yep, good old plain and simple stir fry. Which Dan absolutely loathes.

Go figure.

And since I don't make foods that I don't like, I feel guilty making foods that he doesn't like. For instance, I don't really like fajitas (which is unfortunate, because it's a Henrich favorite and they eat them alot), so I don't cook them. We've settled on quesadillas as a reasonable compromise.

But there is no such compromise for stir fry.

Sooooo, when Dan is away I make myself stir fry. Tonight I chopped up some chicken, onion, pepper, broccoli, zucchini, carrots and chinese cabbage and threw them in a pan with some sauce, over white rice, and voila! A delicious, relatively healthy dinner.

(And since I do not have a nice camera, added to the simple fact that stir fry is not very pretty, all photos are borrowed from The Kitchn, one of my favorite food blogs that recently ran a series on stir fry. Check them out!)