Friday, June 15, 2012


Today I found this blog, which is totally awesome. I love that school lunches are getting so much attention these days, because I think we can accomplish some wonderful things with our children, like teaching them moderation, healthy choices, and how to enjoy food.

(Of course, some "wellness policies" take this much too far in the opposite extreme, where we are only allowed to munch on carrot sticks and pretzels to celebrate birthdays in school.)

(And I'm saying this as someone who likes carrots and pretzels.)

Anyways, I think she might have to adapt her blog soon because of some new policies at her school, but it's still very cool. And I love that a 9-year-old is being encouraged to write like that.

Today was also something wonderful....


*insert wild cheers and large margaritas*

Yes, even though I'll be teaching the summer school program for our multiple disabilities class, I still consider this summer vacation. I always work in the summer. It's what I do.

Since it's summer, I'm hoping to tackle a few projects; simple, fun things that will entertain me and hopefully be useful in making my apartment look nice. I'll be posting pictures of things (we hope) as they happen, but here are a few ideas:

Trace a print onto the glass of a picture frame with a white sharpie, then back with colored paper. 

Liz will have to help me with this one, but the pattern is so simple!

This is like, the easiest craft ever--put some pretty paper in a picture frame and add handles to the front of the frame. Instant decorative tray! You could even use it for breakfast in bed, and the glass would wipe up easily from spills. 

Reusable bags, taken to a whole new level--transform old t-shirts into bags! 

So it'll be a busy summer--these, coupled with what I hope will be plentiful walks in the sunshine with Lily, half-day summer school for four weeks, a trip to California, and a couple cases with my old job.

N.B. - all these pictures and ideas were found on Pinterest. Just sayin'. 

Yay summer!