Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Summer in Photos

In no particular order: the second half of my summer. 

My little brother, after his car accident. Yes, he's fine (the casts will be off after a couple more weeks). 

Me with my unbelievably adorable niece. 

My brother reading to his daughter. Beyond precious. 

Sister and niece.

Annual Adirondack hike with the sisters-in-law. So beautiful. 

Gorgeous flowers from Produce Junction. $3 bouquet!

I decided, for about the eighth time, that I'd learn how to crochet. This, as usual, is about as far as I got. 

Finally, my jewelry isn't sprawled across my dresser!

This face kept me company all summer. 

My friend, sister and I had an indoor picnic when our beach day got rained out. 

Our freshly painted bookshelf for our classroom. Much prettier. 

This is one of the three bulletin boards I designed for back-to-school. Yes, it's one of my favorite parts of the job. 

This summer, I had my first professional teaching position as the summer school teacher for the multiple disabilities classroom at my school, I worked with a couple kiddos as behavioral therapist part time, experienced my parents' divorce and my mother's remarriage, traveled to California where I saw the Grand Canyon, Pacific Ocean, Yosemite National Park, and Alcatraz, visited Schroon Lake, drove to the Midwest twice in three weeks (once to visit my brother after his car accident, the other for my mom's wedding) and found out that I didn't get a teaching job for the school year. 

This past Thursday I had my first full inservice day at school (I went by the school for a couple hours on Tuesday and Wednesday to help my lead teacher because she was freaking out, but that barely counted). I was so excited just to be back and be around the wonderful people who work at Jarrettown. As disappointed as I was not to get a classroom, I'm incredibly thankful to have a job, especially one in such a good district with people I truly enjoy. 

I'm excited to start another year and see what comes along.