Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shiny Days

Remember when I linked up to this blog? Yeah, still readin', still lovin'. And one of my favorite things about the blog community (ohmygosh I just said that) is all the lovey linkin' that goes on. Through Phase Three, I found this blog.

And this post.

And today, my friends, was a shiny day.

Today, I was ON.

(I had dinner ready before I even left for school. Let's give a holler to crockpots!)

I savored the little things.

(Glorious sunshine, a hug from a kindergartener, feeling like a real teacher again.)

I said the right words at the right time.

(Doesn't matter how normal we try to make it, pushing an 8-year-old in a stroller down the hallway will always attract stares from elementary students.)

I even managed to enjoy a last few rays of sunshine without losing my mind over the imaginary chores I create for myself.

(Because seriously, nobody else gives a crap about the interior of my closet or that pile of old papers that needs to be shredded.)


Today was a crazy day. But what makes it shiny? Instead of crying, I laughed. Instead of getting frustrated that student M hollered his head off for what felt like several hours, instead of freaking out because student T put every.single.item. in our classroom in his mouth, instead of worrying about handling two needy kindergarteners simultaneously, instead of getting all panicky because Mr C was late getting home and letting me off babysitting duty....

I laughed it off, enjoyed my time with the kids, and even got to take my dog out for a run when I got home and let myself relax.

These are the moments that remind me that, even though I'm far from who I wish to be, I'm slowly making progress. I'm growing up into a semi-reasonable human being who can prioritize, let things go, and learn to enjoy the little things.

There were a couple real gems at school today, and I really wish I had written them down. Seriously, how do kindergarteners get so darn funny? They're not even trying. Forget Dane Cook or Dimitri Martin..."Kids Say the Darndest Things" had the right idea.

I need days like today to remind me why I chose this path for my life, and why I'm so grateful to be here, and why I can face tomorrow with a smile and an ounce of hope.