Friday, January 11, 2013

Quiet in the Night

I've written before about how meditative and relaxing cooking can be for me.

Especially when it's a familiar recipe or comforting meal, I find the process of purposefully not rushing through meal prep particularly soothing.

It's the simplicity of mindless tasks,

The combination of the simplest ingredients,

And the knowledge that all of these easy ingredients will come together into a delicious, nourishing meal for myself and people I love.

There's this cute little spice shop in Chestnut Hill called Penzeys, and it sells very high quality, very expensive stuff. They have a great slogan, one that I totally identify with:

I have this sticker hanging in my kitchen, and my class gave me a Penzeys starter kit that included a tea towel with this slogan. I'm so pleased to have this cropping up in my life, because cooking can be a worship for me, and I'm always glad for the opportunity to serve others with cooking and hospitality.

So, if you ever want some love, give me a call and join me for some probably simple, unembellished, but tasty food and companionship.