Friday, February 22, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

One of my favorite blogs to read, Young House Love, is hosting their semi-annual Pinterest Challenge! It's basically just a challenge to actually do some of the things that I'm constantly pinning. You know, a less sitting-on-the-computer and more actually-crafting sort of challenge.

I will never be able to explain as cutely as these two do:

Isn't that great?! That would be Miss Clara of Young House Love, and Sir Will from Bower Power.

Anyways, so I know I only have a regular two-day weekend and my usual list of cleaning, errands and chores to do. But I'm still going to try.

Challengees are allowed to do any craft, food, etc that they find on Pinterest, and to give the project their own spin. I cook from Pinterest all the time, so I'm challenging myself to do something new and craft.

Here are my two ideas:

Doors to Shelf

I already have a set of shutters that I trash-picked ages ago, and this is the perfect project for them. (Especially since they're currently living behind the bedroom door and have a tendency to fall on Dan's head...) I want to chop them down to half-size, though, and use them to flank our entertainment center.

Botanical Prints

Botanical print in white, over a dark background. I love this idea for a number of reasons, one of which is I already have all the supplies. I have paint pens, frames, and scrapbook paper. Score! I'm thinking it would be great to do a print like this one: 

Calla Lily Print

Calla lilies were the main flowers at our wedding, and I love the slightly modern feel of this print. I think it makes it classy or something. 

...or something. 

Anyway, check back on Monday to see if I pull through! If I do, I get to submit my work to YHL and they might even feature it in their list of participating bloggers. Woohoo!