Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Student Sightings!

One of the hilarious/awkward/fun parts of being a teacher in a local school is that you unexpectedly run in your students out and about.

Initially, this excited me to no end, mostly because I'm constantly delighted to see people I know just in real life. Most of my childhood was spent involved in organizations that were not local to my home, so this didn't happen very often.

When I started working at Upper Dublin, I started counting how often I saw my students or their families in local stores, at events, etc.

(Not surprisingly) I lost count pretty quickly.

The most awkward situation was a dinner out with friends to celebrate my long-term sub assignment. We went to a hibachi restaurant--you know, the kind with the big table where you sit around with people that you don't necessarily know?

Yeah. A student and her mom sat right across from us.

Over the long weekend I ran some errands and ran into two students at two stores, one right after another, in one day.

It's still kind of fun, as long as the interactions can be fleeting and casual and I'm not picking my nose or doing anything else inherently embarrassing. Grocery shopping and/or returning books at the bookstore are pretty tame.

Let's hope it stays that way!