Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day and Such

Yeah, I know it's a "made up holiday."

But you know what? I still don't mind Valentines Day...yes, I tell my husband every day that I love him, and I occasionally try to make something special or do something out of the ordinary just for the heck of it...but at the same time, what's wrong with a day that reminds me to cherish and love those in my life? Dan and I don't bother going all out with tons of gifts or anything, but I enjoy a special dinner, maybe some flowers, and a little extra fun.

Besides, when you're in elementary school, it means lots of candy too!

So, whether you love it, hate it, or reside comfortably somewhere in the middle ground, here are a few shots of my V-Day Happies.

(Unfortunately due to legal stuff I can't post pics of my actual class in our heart-y glory, but I took a couple non-kid shots too.)

Cutest gift from a student. The best part? It's full of chocolate!

Our little mailboxes...thanks to the parents who sent in every cereal box they had, and are probably now living out of unboxed cereal bags. 

Aren't they cute? I don't even mind the three hours of my life I'll never get back that I spent wrapping the cereal boxes in red butcher paper. 

Glitter makes everything better. 

My gifts to the students...each kiddo got a homework pass, a funky eraser, and a homemade bookmark. Of course, one darling student (on the biggest sugar high you ever did see) decided to "eat" the bookmark and promptly threw it away. I refrained from drop-kicking him. 
Oh, also--this was for a girl. The boys got erasers like pizza and hotdogs, and bookmarks with army camo and plaid and stuff. 

Cause of aforementioned sugar rush. I was surprised to see that each additional parent who showed up brought us a treat, so this table was actually fuller by the end of the party. 

The sweetest gift of all, from my wonderful husband. I mean seriously, how cute is that?! He collected all the pieces and put it together and told me he got it for my classroom. He said he wanted something with flowers, but that would be easy to care for. 
(Now, I do know that orchids are notoriously difficult to care for, but they can also go long stints without being watered, and the hostess gift orchid that someone brought me is currently growing like mad and on its second glorious round of blooms. Knock on wood.) 

Little dog checking out said orchid. 

I have a wonderful four-day weekend ahead of me, so check back soon for some recipe-related posts...

...I feel the need to mention this since my Google Stats widget informs me that I have actual readers out there! Thanks for stopping by.