Tuesday, May 7, 2013

30 Days Left

I'm psyched to be almost done my first year of teaching. I can honestly say at this point that it's been such a great year (I couldn't always say that, but now I see it). Here are a few snapshots from school lately...


Nervous about this. Give me plants any day. 

In the chrysalis...

I had to tape them to the lid of their habitat. They fell off repeatedly.  0_0

But today...one hatched! I couldn't get a good picture because my phone doesn't focus through the netting, but the little guy was fluttering around. They're Painted Ladies, in case anyone cares. 

Patricia Polacco project. See the full details in this post.

Sweet little Teacher Appreciation gift from my class. It's called a Living Locket, it's like a shadowbox on a necklace! It has my initials, an apple, a little book (<3 to read) and an owl (because I'm obsessed with them). 

Now, we just gotta finish strong. Then the warm, easy days of summer will be here!