Monday, August 19, 2013 last!

Sorry for the HUGE lapse in posting. As previously mentioned, I had a lovely, long, adventurous vacation. Complete with a totally unplanned family emergency at the end.

(Don't worry, everyone's alive and well.)

But now we're back!

I promise to do a full vacation recap soon, and then we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming (i.e., random life bits with occasional recipes or projects thrown in for good measure. You know it's why you keep coming back!).

For now, enjoy a couple of my favorite shots from my trusty iPhone.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Scenic Drive

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Lost Abbey/Port Brewing Company

Astonished Liz, at Hash House (most ginormous breakfast ever)

Beach Bum, Coronado Beach

Seals!! At La Jolla Cove. Legit obsessed. 

More coming soon!