Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation Part 2: San Diego

After five days in Colorado, we boarded another Southwest flight (more kids) and headed for our second favorite place on earth: San Diego!

Besides having gorgeous weather all.the.time, beautiful beaches, and a very fun, laid-back vibe, San Diego is also home to some delicious food and beer. So naturally we're obsessed.

We rented a sweet ride, too.

It was suuuper windy in the backseat (especially on the highway, which is mostly how we got around) so I decided to channel Audrey Hepburn to keep my hair presentable.

Or something.

Anyway, we had three days to cram a lot of fun and food (and beer). We got right down to brass tacks.

I was super excited to offer what I believe is my first actual contribution to vacation plans. Like, ever. Yep, I'm the girl who usually shows up with a suitcase and that's about it. Anyway, Picky Palate posted an Instagram photo of this awesome looking meal at this place called Hash House a go go. We dropped by for breakfast! 

And ate maybe 1/3 of the portions. 

It was totally delicious though, and would be still be a great meal if you want to share plates. Ha. 

We spent one day in Coronado Beach.

I highly recommend it.

In addition to being gorgeous, there was a fantastic little beach town with cute shops and restaurants and such. We had perfect weather, so we strolled around before parking ourselves on the (free) beach to enjoy the sunshine and surf.

We also stopped by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

We hit up the actual zoo last year, and which was amazing, and I'm not a zoo person. We got Groupons for the safari ride, and it was pretty cool. We all agreed that the full price for the particular ride we did (it was the trolley car thing, with lots of people and a tour guide driver) would have felt like too much, but the discount we got made the price just right for what we got to see and enjoy.

Chad and Liz had a fancy date night planned, so Dan and I dropped them off and went to La Jolla Cove to hang out with my favorite San Diego locals...


Seriously, I could watch these guys for hours. We almost did.

Nearby to La Jolla, we also hit up Torrey Pines very briefly. Apparently the state reserve is really cool, but we only had time for some scenic driving and photo ops.

And this awesome dude. What could be cooler ?! 

One of our last stops was the Gaslamp District, which is apparently a thing. It was another really neat stretch of cool shops and restaurants. I guess it's kinda touristy? But we enjoyed it anyway.

Oh, and anyone wondering--some of our favorite San Diego beer included Lost Abbey/Port Brewing, Alpine Brew Company, Green Flash, and Stone Brewing Company (we visited Stone last year, but didn't go back this year).

Green Flash Tasting Room

Lost Abbey/Port Tasting Room (duh)

Food recommendations must include Hash House, as well as Pizza Port in Ocean Beach, and Spike Africa in downtown San Diego. Yum!