Thursday, August 1, 2013

Colorado, San Diego, Adirondacks, oh my!

Top four reasons I'm excited for our upcoming vacation (to, you guessed it, all THREE destinations above. What?!):

4. I don't have to make the bed when we sleep in a hotel. Score!

3. We are going to try lots of fun new restaurants and breweries, in addition to making some easy peasy meals in our hotel suite's kitchen.

2. We're traveling with our besties (did I really just use that word?), Chad and Liz. Which automatically means it'll be fun, because we manage to enjoy ourselves pretty much no matter what. (One of our favorite traveling memories was a totally spontaneous night in Rome, where almost nothing went according to plan).

1. We'll get to see the Rocky Mountains. And the Pacific. I mean, seriously.


#1 Reason Why I'm Not Excited About Vacation:

I have to leave my baby Lily behind.

Womp womp.

Don't worry, she'll be in the loving care of Sister, who pretends not to like her but I think actually adores my little rascal.

Tally ho! Where are you vacationing this summer?