Saturday, January 7, 2012

She works hard for her money

I started a new (and still temporary) job this week!!! I totally love it. I'm an "educational assistant" (AKA aide) in the multiple disabilities room at Jarrettown Elementary, same place as I student taught. Right now I'm subbing, but the head teacher really wants me, since we already had a good relationship during my student teaching. One of her students was in my class, and my coop was her go-to for supplies, suggestions, and assistance. It's super fun, and super exhausting. But I have, and probably always will have, a special thing for those "challenging" students. They're my favorite.

Anyway, my camera battery is dead and we're out of AA batteries. I've started browsing around for a better camera, but that's probably a good ways off yet. I'm interested in a nice one, and those cost money.

Which is in short supply.

(Not really, just when it comes to things like expensive cameras.)

(Food is not an issue, as evidenced by this.)

Quesadillas. Yum.

Sad little burnt cookie on the end.

 Yay for baking!

Halfway cookies. My absolute favorite.  Cookie on the bottom, chocolate in the middle, brown sugar meringue on the top.

Challah bread. (I don't usually bother to put the appropriate amount of phlegm into my pronunciation of "challah," which leaves me saying "holla," as in "holla yo!")

The remnants of Christmas morning brunch. I didn't get a before pic, we were hungry.

At any rate, you'll have to make do with fewer pictures until I get my bum off the couch to get some AA batteries.

I keep wanting to type "double A" and then realizing that AA is perfectly adequate.

In other news, it's 65 degrees in Philly today. Which, of course, means spring cleaning. Because 65 degrees = spring. Right?

Not really.

This mostly amounted to me cleaning out the fridge and freezer, which is always sad because I end up throwing away more food than I would wish, and then washing all the newly freed tupperware, before I ran out of steam. Really I need about five days of this weather and this mood to really accomplish everything I want to.

Which doesn't ever happen, so I go back to making messes in the kitchen, playing with Lily, and of course, blogging!