Thursday, June 20, 2013

Four Years of Different

Technically my four-year anniversary to my husband was last week, but I'm been in the throes of last-week-of-school so it didn't get noted on here (although I posted on facebook 'cause, c'mon, nothing is real if it's not on facebook). Anyway, that extra week exposed me to a way better idea than the cheesy Things I've Learned post I was planning to right.

Because, if we're honest, I have way more learning to do than wisdom to share. 

So, thanks to the wonderful and ubiquitous Pioneer Woman, I'm borrowing her idea:

15 Ways Dan and I are Different

(This should be way easier than sharing things I've learned!) 

1. Dan looooves fajitas. 
I do not love fajitas. Something about the seasoning. 
Tacos have become our compromise. 

2. Dan has red hair. 
I have brown hair. 

3. He would prefer to drink beer anytime. 
I go back and forth between beer and wine. 
But neither of us are into mixed drinks. 

4. Dan likes action-packed, intense, real-world movies and TV shows. 
I like goofy, dumb sitcoms that let me pretend I'm someone else for a little while. 
(Preferably someone who is skinny and stylish and witty.) 

5. He is terrified of children. 
I don't know what to do without kids around. 

6. He likes to build things (he built this contraption to stir yeast for his homebrewing. It was freakin awesome). 
I like to cook things (and, much to his chagrin, have a really hard time making the same thing exactly the same way twice). 

7. Dan does not like sushi. 
I looooove to eat sushi. 

8. He does not care if the apartment is cluttered. 
I cannot breathe or function if I can't see surfaces. 

9. He likes brown. 
I like black or charcoal gray. 

10. Dan loves gadgets and electronics and things to make his life easier. 
I love not having extra stuff and I HATE cords. 

11. Dan likes to sit on the leather couch. 
I like to sit on the upholstered couch. 
Which technically works out fine, unless one of us wants know...sit together. 

12. He loves to be with friends. 
I love to be alone. 

13. He loves ancient Rome and Greece (and knows an astonishing amount about both!). 
I love science, especially biology. 

14. He is good at getting important papers to their proper places on time. 
I am always forgetting where I put stuff and when things are due. 

15. He drinks Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero. 
I drink Sprite and...water. I'm boring. 

But for all that, happy four years, my love! I'm thankful for each of them and love that our differences keep thing interesting. 

As long as I stock Coke Zero for you and you keep your gadgets contained.