Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go West...but not too far

Not quite five years ago, my family moved to Michigan for my dad's work. This was kind of a big deal because both of my parents are from the East coast, and we'd been comfortably settled in the Philly suburbs for my whole life. The other reason it was a big deal was because I stayed here.

(You can read more about that transition in my very first post, here.)

Anyway, my parents subsequently separated, my sister moved back East with me, and my brother had a little daughter. So needless to say, visiting my parents is quite different than it would have been four years ago.

Last weekend I packed up my bag, some Tastycakes, and some Wawa coffee and headed to South Bend, Indiana. I got to spend time with my mom and her new husband, my brother and niece, and my dad and his new wife. It was a busy weekend, but I truly enjoyed everyone's company and getting to do some "quality" stuff with my family.

Granny (my mom) and niece in Thing 1 & 2 shirt

First order of business? Strawberry picking, of course! 

"Yook! I found one!" 

Check out that deliciousness. And adorableness. 

Cutest picture ever (We picked cherries when we were done with strawberries).

My brother, niece and I all trekked up to the teeny tiny Michigan town where my dad lives. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of our activities, but we visited a local winery and had dinner together. Very fun. 

Clearly she agrees. Also, I discovered that car seats fit very comfortably into my little car. Score! 

It was a great weekend, but after 10 hours to get there, about 3 hours to and from Michigan, and 10 hours back, I was very glad to be home!!