Friday, June 21, 2013

Garden Terrace

Or something like that. It's no secret that I love to grow things, and my porch is no exception. We live on the second floor of a very old building, and we have a little (maybe 3 square feet?) porch that Dan has fixed up so I can plant things.

I've done a tomato plant and a strawberry plant, but this year I'm sticking to flowers and herbs. Simpler, and smaller.

It's doing nicely (much better, in fact, than my actual in-the-ground garden. Go figure)!

Petunias and Four-o-Clocks. Petunias are from Produce Junction, and Four-o-Clocks are from seed. 

Wildflower mix...when it first came up there was a ton of clover, but I weeded that out. (Pun!)

Basil, more wildflowers (not sprouted yet), chives, lettuce, and peas (also not sprouted). There's also mint, which is not pictured. 

Hanging baskets. 

It's very satisfying to see a crummy little porch (you can see the old dirty wood in some of the pictures above, it's not a lovely space) become much more appealing with a little green and effort. It's especially nice at night in the summer when I turn on those pretty lights. It gives off a very terrace-y effect for such a tiny space. 

Don't mind the equipment in the background, it belongs to my landlord.