Monday, July 8, 2013

Friends, Food, and Phils!

Our looong weekend has finally come to a close.

Womp womp.

Dan was especially distressed, because he's not working half days during the summer. Also because he likes to lie around and watch hours of his current favorites on Netflix and Amazon Video, while I get antsy within a day hour or two.

Anyway, we finished the loooong weekend with a bang. On Saturday we decided, along with some friends, that we needed to do something different and interesting and AIR-CONDITIONED.

Did I mention we had a heat wave? Whoa boy, it was crazy. 100ish heat indices with plenty of humidity at night. Brutal.

Thankfully it cooled off, but not before we found some ways to beat--and then embrace--the heat.

Saturday we went to....

Even the boys were game. And hey, it was air-conditioned, there was stuff to look at, and Dan even bought some chip clips.

Yep yep, big spenders here.

We made up for it afterward, when we were joined by another couple for dinner at the new-to-us Cantina Feliz.

It was awesome. We're all pretty big fans of Mexican food, and Mad Mex is a regular dinner destination (especially for happy hour--great drafts and appetizers on the cheap!), but Cantina Feliz took it up a notch.

I recommend the fish tacos. And the Elotes Loco, which is this awesome Mexican style corn on the cob, grilled with a spicy cream on the outside. Delicious.

On Sunday, we braced ourselves for the heat and headed to....

Citizens Bank Park!

Sister had awesome tickets from a family at her preschool, so she treated us. We provided a six-pack of water, which started the day lukewarm at best, and by the end of the afternoon would have made a lovely bath in December.

And of course, our sweat and electrolytes were traded for sweet victory.

Go Phils!

We even stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. Even my slightly sunburned back agrees that it was an awesome end to a loooong weekend.