Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Philly Summer

Whew, I thought once summer came I'd be projectin' and cookin' and bloggin' like crazy. But then you know what happened?

It got hot. And humid. And sticky. 

Anyone who's spent any amount of time in the Mid-Northeast (Virginia-New York? Maybe bits of New England?) knows that we don't just do hot.

We do muggy. We do you-might-as-well-be-wearing-a-swimsuit-because-you'll-be-dripping-with-sweat-in-10-seconds.

Philly didn't really have a proper spring this year. It was chilly and damp really late into the spring, and then the temps just skyrocketed. Without drying off. So we're still getting copious amounts of rain, so it's just humid heat. Like a blanket of moist, suffocating heat.

(Which, I'm hoping, is why my tomatoes look so stunted. Especially compared with our neighbor's bounteous beauties [they have raised beds, whereas my little plot floods in the torrential downpours we've been receiving]).

Anyway, like any normal human being, I've retreated to the air-conditioned bedroom for the hottest parts of the day, emerging only to refill my water bottle and stand as far from the stove as humanly possible while still fixing something that vaguely resembles a nutritious dinner.

I can already feel my body adjusting though (it always takes a couple days for me to get used to feeling sticky and sweaty all.the.time, and then I don't mind it as much). As mentioned here, I hate the cold with a deep and abiding hatred, so excepting the days when I need gills to breathe the unbelievably humid air, I don't mind the summer heat.

Heck, when it's 85 and low humidity with a nice gentle breeze, I'd even say it's nice.

All this to say, regular posting will resume (since I have time, that foreign concept that means something like reading books for fun and experimenting with fruity popsicles and organizing my closets) in the near future. Tonight is the annual July 3rd shindig, where I'll be toting 7-layer-dip and brownie mix cookies and enjoying some overcooked burgers and delightful friends.

Huzzah for summer!