Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Color Run Philly!

Guess what I did this weekend?

I ran my first 5k! 

Sister and I did the Color Run, which was a totally awesome experience.

I've read allll about 5ks, since I was pretty nervous. So like a good runner, I laid out all my stuff the night before.

This is mostly amusing because I'm so not a "runner." I just happen to occasionally run.

We set our alarms for nice and early--4:15, to be precise--and got ready, complete with (temporary) tattoos and Color Run gear. 

Annnnd GO!

The run itself was a nice easy course. It was pretty humid out (thank you, Philly summers), but not unbearable. Sister has a heel thing (something like plantar fasciitis, we think) so long stretches of running were uncomfortable for her. We wanted to stay together, so we ran through all the color zones and did a good amount of walking the rest of the time.

Freshly through the Yellow Zone. 

Blue ahead!! Yes, the dust gets in your mouth, but it's just cornstarch. 

Mostly, it was just about the fun of it and experiencing a 5k. There was so much energy, and people were so excited and enthusiastic!

We made it!! 

I think our time was something like 35-40 minutes. Like I said, we were just doing it for fun, and since we did a fair amount of walking I was ok with that time. It's a really low-key run, they don't even officially time it, it's just about getting out and enjoying yourself!

Color bomb!

Clearly it was a blast. 

We're doing the Electric Run (the Color Run's nocturnal cousin) next week with a couple other friends. I'm super pumped!