Monday, September 9, 2013

Conquering the Consequences

It's been quite some time since I've given an update on my garden, and there are two main reasons for that.

One is that this summer has been REALLY weird weather-wise, starting with a cold, wet, spring, then a hot, wet, summer, then really mild, almost-fall-like weather. Apparently this summer is actually the wettest on record, in addition to some strange temps.

Second is that I'm lazy. Both when it comes to actually working on my garden, and attempting to document it.

And I'm here to show you what reaping the seeds (pun intended) of laziness looks like.

It's been weeks since I've so much as touched a weed, as you can clearly see.

So, I decided to spend some time while on Rosh Hashanah break to clean up the garden (last year my MIL, whose yard I borrow to garden, decided very suddenly to clear out the garden about six weeks before the season ended, and I wanted to give her a reason to not do that this year, especially since the squash will go on for a while yet). She actually came out to help me while I was there (score!) and about an hour later we had this:

Much better. (Also, now she knows to not tear everything out just yet.)

We also staked up one of my sad little pepper plants, since it's been consumed by squash (never again, people. Those things are vicious). It's actually producing, so I wanted to give it a fighting chance.

And, once we cleared away the pile of weeds, we found...

The first real spaghetti squash! (And a tomato...)

Praise the Lord and tune your fiddles (?!), my garden hasn't been a complete flop this year.

I'm going to do some work this fall in the soil-amending departments by adding some leaves, ashes, and hopefully compost, and my FIL mentioned renting a tiller for the spring so we can really work the soil and, fingers crossed, have a better garden next year.

And PA gardeners with tips, tricks, or better exclamations than "tune your fiddles," share your thoughts!