Monday, September 2, 2013

Simplest Ever Wall Art

At the very beginning of the summer when I was feeling all ambitious about the imagined amounts of time and energy I would possess to tackle all kinds of exciting projects (ha) I vowed to do "at least one craft" this summer.

My husband likes to remind me about this, as I sit watching 30 Rock for the fourth time through and whining about going back to school.


I do, however, like to organize my stuff, and so I set about cleaning out and reorganizing my craft supplies. Which led to this--the easiest, awesomest, fakest craft-turned-decorative-wall-art a girl could ever hope for.

Just in time, since summer is (for all intents and purposes) over. Womp womp.

It all started with some pretty fabrics from Michael's (you know, the little squares they sell to quilters, bundled into little packets of coordinating color). Add some cheap-o embroidery hoops, and voila!

Instant wall art.

And when I say "instant," I mean pretty darn instant. I put the fabric on the inside (smaller) hoop, fitted the outside hoop snugly around, and tightened. Then I trimmed the excess fabric off. Then I stuck some thumbtacks in my wall (cause I'm high-tech like that) and hung them up.

All said and done, I'd say this was about 10 minutes of my life. Not counting the two minutes I spent deliberating on which fabric to put in which hoop (the biggest hoop is my favorite fabric, obviously).

My friend Liz, who has a good eye for decorating her home (which she has done beautifully, I might add) is going to do this on a larger scale with some awesome printed burlap we found at Joann's. If you I ask really nicely, maybe she'll let me take a picture and put it up here!

So, if you're looking for a super quick and easy way to dress up a room, here ya go!