Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Epic Bake

So, if you know me in person at all, you'll know that I'm kiiind of a huge klutz.

Not the cute kind, not the kind that stumbles over a crack in the sidewalk but her boyfriend catches her elbow and she shakes her flowy hair back with an adorable blush and an "oops!"

No, I'm the kind who trips over the crack in the sidewalk, and if I manage to not fall flat on my face, I stumble forward about six feet in a wild attempt to stay upright and probably bump into the person in front of me (who I may or may not know).

I also drop things, run into things, lose my grip, slip, fall, everything else.

(Maybe that's part of the reason why I love Jennifer Lawrence so much...anyone who falls on her face at the Oscars is going to be near and dear to my heart.)

My clumsiness is particularly dangerous in the kitchen, where sharp knives and hot objects are regularly in play. I've burned myself more times than I can count, and sliced off the veryvery tips of fingers (I can't believe I haven't needed stitches yet) and dropping things is just part of the deal.

So today, I decided to bake some cookies. I'm always on the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and I decided to give this version from Sweet Savory Life a try.

I was given a Kitchen Aid Mixer as a wedding gift, and I love using it. I've managed to get by over the last four years with relatively few mishaps (although once I did knock it over and chip a shelf...). But today when I cracked an egg into the cookie dough, half of the eggshell fell into the mixer.


This has never happened before.

I screeched, yanked out the cord, and thanked my lucky stars that it was on the slowest setting. I proceeded to spend several minutes picking out pieces of eggshell from my cookies.

Crisis averted, I continued on with my recipe.

A few minutes later, I checked the recipe for the next step and was pleased to see that it called for both baking powder and soda. I love me a thick, chewy cookie.

I spooned the baking powder into the mixer, then picked up the baking soda. And dropped it.

But I caught it!

Upside down.

Seriously about half of the boxed spilled out, coating the front of my jeans and creating a nice white floor for me to imprint with my socks.

More than one bad word may have issued from my mouth.

I heaved a great sigh and finished the recipe.

And you know what?

The sons-o'-guns were worth it.

(I used one bag of chocolate chunks, and half a bag of chips.)

Thick, chewy, full of chocolate. Crunchy bottoms and gooey middles. Heavenly. Go make some. Preferably without dropping eggshells in the dough and baking soda on the floor.