Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dirt, Sweat, and Other Good Things

I've been excited for this year's garden since...about last August. This was for several reasons. Mostly, I really enjoyed having a garden, since I love being outside in general, and it's a pretty productive hobby. My in-laws (whose yard I use for my green things) collected enough vegetables for several salads and (if I remember correctly) some tomato sauce.

I've already got a few seedlings started indoors, but I wanted to improve my garden plot. I enlarged it last fall, but I wanted to replace the crappy mesh fence that the previous owners left, and install a gate so it's not such a nuisance to get in and out.

Somehow I don't have any good "before" shots of the whole garden...just shots of my plants and the inside. But this is the stuff the old fence was made of:

Two tiers of icky plastic mesh fence, and no gate.

Here's my "after"...

Dan and his dad spent quite a while helping me with this. I chose all the supplies, and they cut/hammered the poles down enough to fit the new wire fencing. I was especially excited about the new gate. It's actually a piece of fence we adapted for a gate by only staking one side into the ground. On the other side, we (and by "we" I mean Dan and Dean) lopped off the little staking posts so the fence could swing freely and pretend to be a gate.

It's super cute and classy, which I knew would make Dottie happy, since she loves nice-looking stuff like this.

As I said, I enlarged the garden itself, and I spent a good chunk of my time yesterday adding fresh composted dirt and turning everything over, getting ready to plant as soon as the Last Frost Date rolls around. 


Of course, little dog had a great time too. She spent the whole afternoon running and playing.

Now it all comes down to April 20th...last frost, and I'm back out there, planting my seedlings and getting things growing!