Thursday, March 21, 2013


...avoiding cleaning my apartment.

We're having friends over for dinner tomorrow night, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm making a taco bar, we all get along really well, and they have two elementary-aged girls that actually get along with Dan! They play this iPad game called Ticket to Ride.

So far I've avoided any tickets to ride, except the Beatles song.

Anyway, the only thing I'm not looking forward to is the housecleaning that must precede the fun. I'm not going crazy; we're good friends with these folks and I'm not worried about a pile of mail in the hallway. However, the general sweeping-vaccuuming-wiping-bathroom-counters must be done.

Annnnd by no means will I stop procrastinating until I absolutely must.

So in other news, I'm also currently:

Watching: Homeland. Is anyone else out there into this show? I'm not that enthralled by Claire Danes, I think her character is totally annoying and obnoxious and (as my awesome sister put it) cray-cray. BUT. Damian Lewis is incredibly attractive to me, and he's also the hero of Band of Brothers, Dick Winters. So I'm basically in love with him, and he's an amazing actor. So intense. Plus, he's actually British and he pulls off the most convincing middle-America accent.

Planning: on cooking sososo many amazing things next week over spring break. I've got mushroom risotto, beef stroganoff, and chicken parmesan on the menu. I'll definitely take pictures.

Excited about: spring break in general, but especially our upcoming little baby trip to Washington DC. We've been a couple times together, and it's definitely one of my favorite cities on the East coast. I'm hoping to go to the Museum of Natural History (yay dinosaurs!) and an Evensong service at the National Cathedral. And a nice dinner out. Anyone know any good restaurants?

Observing: (I needed another word for watching...) my itty bitty seedlings. About a week and a half ago I started peas, peppers, lavender, and California poppies indoors. I even made little greenhouses for them with aluminum pans with plastic lids. So far they're doing well, and I'm psyched! I can't wait for spring to really come so I can get back into the dirt.

Mourning: the fact that I missed the free water ice at Rita's on the first day of spring. Bummer.

Annnd, since we're close, happy early Friday!! I hope you have an awesome weekend and (if you're like me) have an awesomer spring break.