Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Last Bits of Break

I've already posted about the most important parts of my lovely time with Dan roaming the city, working on my garden, trying out a new recipe...

As I head back to school, here are a few shots of the "in between times" of my spring break. It was such a great time of refreshment, and I'm excited to throw myself back into school. There's nothing left standing between me and the end of my first year as a teacher!

In no particular order...

Lovely tulips from Trader Joe's. 

Little dog doesn't want to me to do yoga. She'd rather usurp my mat. 

Easter baskets from my mama! I was unreasonably excited about these. 

Quizzo Night at Earth Bread Brewery in Mt. Airy. 

We spent lots of time favorite spot. 

Dapper little dog. 

Huzzah, I passed. *eyeroll* I'm now certified to administer the PSSA, even though my grade doesn't take it. Oy. 

Any small moments in your life lately?