Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Friday Festivities

N.B. This post is about a week late due to report cards. Yes, again. It happens three times...two down, one to go!

Dan was away on a business trip at the end of last week, so Sister and I had some extra fun together.

One of our (collective "our"...everyone I know is in on this) favorite spots in the area is Elcy's Cafe. It's a great little coffeehouse spot, the whole nine yards. Delicious coffee--most of fair trade/organic and all locally roasted--great breakfast sandwiches and lunch foods (seriously, all of their lunch sandwiches are delicious, and they have great salads too!), and an awesome vibe with fun, friendly staff.

Plus we're friends with the owners, so...we're biased.

(But I wasn't paid or perked to say any of that...I just love Elcy's that much).

Anyway, they're trying to get First Friday's off the ground, and I'm a big fan. Especially when they have food like they did last Friday.

(Forgot to take pictures of the appetizer...I had a house salad, and Sister had corn chowder with pesto and bacon...holy moly it was delicious!)

Roasted Filet with Mushroom Madeira Sauce with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Veggies. 

Annnd Maple Mustard Salmon with the same potatoes and veggies. 

While we dined on these fabulous meals, we were serenaded by a local musician, a friendly fellow by the name of Dave. It was awesome. 

Oh yeah, and since we're regulars, the staff comped us some wine (it's BYOB, but we didn't bring anything). 

Sister enjoying her meal. 

This was as far as we was so much food! Totally worth every bite. 

Until dessert came, of course! 

Confession: I took about three pictures (with my iPhone of course, haha) and Sister was making fun of me, but this was one my favorite. 

So, if you're ever in the area and want a place to chill out, drink some delicious coffee, or grab a snack with some friends, check out Elcy's Cafe